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Recent Publications

 J. Klos, B. Czarnecka, J.W. Nicholson, I. Nowak and A. Wawrzyńczak, The effect of heat treatment of an ionomer glass on its surface characteristics and cement-forming properties, Ceramics-Silikaty, 64, 1-6, (2020).


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 F.S. Made, S.K. Sidhu and J.W. Nicholson, The effect of temperature and ionic solutes on the fluoride release and recharge of glass-ionomer cements, Dent. Mater., 36, e9-e14,  (2020).


 A.P.R. Magalhães, B.M.B. de Oliveira, M.Baesso, L.Bueno, A.F. Borges, R. Menezes-Silva, S.K. Sidhu, M.F.L Navarro and J.W. Nicholson, Correlation between mechanical properties and stabilization time of chemical bonds in restorative glass-ionomer cements, Braz. Oral Sci., 34, Article ID e053, (2020).


 J.W. Nicholson, S.K. Sidhu and B. Czarnecka, Improving the mechanical properties of glass-ionomer dental cements, Materials, 13, Article ID 2510, (2020). 


 J.W. Nicholson, Titanium alloys for dental prostheses, Prosthesis, 2(2), 100-116 (2020).


 M.F.L. Navarro, R.C. Pascotto, A.F.S. Borges, E. Bresciani, R.M. Carvalho, T.C. Fagundes, J.E. Frencken, S. Gurgan, S.C. Leal, R. Menezes-Silva, I. Miletić, G. Milona, H.C. Ngo, D.P. Raggio, C.J. Soares, T. Tüzüner, L. Wang, J.W. Nicholson and S.K. Sidhu, Consensus on glass-ionomer cement thresholds for restorative indications, J. Dent., 107, 103609, (2021).


 J.W. Nicholson, N.J. Coleman and S.K. Sidhu, The kinetics of ion release from conventional glass-ionomer dental cements, J. Mater. Sci; Mater. Med., 32, Article number 30, (2021).


 F.M. Tsuzuki, L.C. Malacarne, R.C. Pascotto, J.W. Nicholson and M.L. Baesso, Studies of the early stages of the dynamic setting process of chemically activated restorative glass-ionomer cements, Biomater. Investig. Dent., 8, 39-47, (2021). 


 B. Czarnecka, J. Klos and J.W. Nicholson, The interaction of dental glass-ionomer cements with buffer solutions, Ceramics-Silikaty, 65, 120-124, (2021).


 L.S. Bueno, A.F.S. Borges, M.F.L. Navarro, J.W. Nicholson, R.G. Hill and S.K. Sidhu  Determination of chemical species of fluoride during uptake mechanism of glass-ionomer cements with NMR spectroscopy, Dent. Mater., 37, 1176-1182, (2021).


 L.C.P. Lopes, R.S.S. Terada, L.V. de Castro-Hoshino, B.M.B. de Oliveira, R. C. Pascotto, M.L. Baesso, C.P.M. Tabchoury, J.W. Nicholson and S.K. Sidhu, In vitro evaluation of the stabilization time of chemical bonds during setting reaction and microhardness of preheated glass-ionomer cements, Oper. Dent., 46 (3), (2021).


 J. Klos, J.W. Nicholson and B. Czarnecka,  Glass-ionomer dental cements as solid-state buffers, J. Mater. Res. Technol., 15, 3570-3574, (2021).


 H. Roberts, D. Berzins and J. Nicholson, Long-term water balance evaluation in glass ionomer restorative materials, Materials, 15, 807, (2022).



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Print ISBN 978-1-78262-832-3; ePub eISBN: 978-1-78801-114-3


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